STABI Worldwide Group Services

Business Intelligence

With a large analytics consultants network worldwide, we have the total capacity to help the customers to take the best strategic decisions analyzing complex data. Business Intelligence represents 70% of our activities and includes data management, data treatments, data transformations processes, data reporting and data vizualization.

Data Science & Statistics

STABI Worldwide Group holds a structured operational department: Data Science & Statistics. We are able to build your required statistical analysis, treat your surveys data, build constructive and detailed statistical analysis in order to explain your past or current results by internal or external factors or predict data in the future.

Research & Development

As we know, we provides high quality consultancy services in expertise domains that are constantly evolving. Department Research & Development realizes activities that are used in many projects. It ensures for the company and the client that latest and best analytical technics are used and are aligned very well with our clients needs.

Worldwide Availability

Through a recognized recruitment process, focused strategy which is to evaluate core competences and adaption capacity with the project location culture; we can propose both international and multilingual expert consultants that can take part in your projects worldwide. We generally operate activities in America, Europa and Asia.

Learning Institute

We provide trainings worldwide for institutions groups or individuals that would like to increase their skills level in Business Intelligence and Data Science. We build adaptative structured programs that enable to transfer all our learnings and knowledges and for the client understand very well the concepts, the terms and the methodologies. 

Excellent Strategies

STABI Worldwide Group is a company that has a reflected strategy (from short to long term). This strategic reflection allows us to follow a guideline upon which we build strong bases. We are able to elaborate and develop with our customers a corporate strategy, by analyzing the current situations, the needs and by giving several possible strategies.


We work in partnership with all the major technology providers

  • We constantly look for partnerships with the best technologies providers.
  • We guarantee technologies installations and incidents support. (24/24).
  • We cover all the technologies clients needs and requests.
  • We focus our partnership strategy directly with the providers head offices.
  • We share a total transparency about our technologies partnerships.

We've been trusted expert consultants from the world’s biggest IT companies, and we continue to grow operating on 5 continents and 20 countries in the global Business Intelligence market

Graduated from schools and universities specialised Business Intelligence and Data Science, having acquired several international professional experiences in three (3) different continents (Europe, North America, Asia), the idea was to build my own institution to ensure that my own convictions and strategy could be implemented and could touch the success. Each human interested by the decision-making and analytics projects totally has the right to receive the best learnings and knowledges.

STABI Worldwide Group continually trains its global internal network of consultants, believing to people interactions and a way of thinking ‘corporate’ . I developed this company that is able to provide services all around the world, because I think that every countries in the world can have access to the benefits generated by an analytical competitive solution. 

    STABI Worldwide Group is a group that regroups the STABI Technology Services Inc. The company (Limited Company) was created in 2016 in Panama City (Panama). STABI Technology Services Inc. provides technologic services for the Central America, North America and Caribbean market.  (Panama).


    STABI Technology Services Inc.
    Obarrio, Calle 54 y Ave. Samuel Lewis, Atrium Tower, Piso 27, Panama City


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